Jury Focus Groups

CoPO’s Jury Focus Groups allow parties to test their cases, or any aspect of it, in front of Jurors who live in the localities the parties specify. 

Get a Juror’s perspective on damages, claims, defenses, evidence, attorneys, parties, witnesses…

Test different approaches, presentations and witness preparations… 

Develop and refine trial skills…

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Register as a Party with CoPO, or log-in if you have already registered.
Step 2: Schedule your proceeding.

Head-Off Potential Conflicts: Provide a “Statement of the Case” and a “Witness List” so prospective jurors can avoid obvious conflicts.

Step 3: Provide a brief summary of what your case involves, or whatever issue(s) you want to address, in a “Statement of the Case”.


Step 4: CoPO will fill your Online Jury Pool with the Jurors who first respond to an e-vite sent to all registered jurors in the locale(s) you specify.

Jury Selection

Step 5: Use responses to written voir dire questions and juror bio’s to whittle down your Jury Pool into a Jury Panel.

Evidence, Testimony & Argument

Step 6: Upload your video and evidence.

Jury Instructions

Step 7: [OPTIONAL] Select and personalize jury instructions specific to the issues you want the jury to examine.

Prepare Your Verdict

Step 8: Prepare or upload the “verdict” questions you would like the jurors to answer.

Post-Verdict Questionnaire

Step 9: [OPTIONAL] Prepare or upload any questions you would like included in a Post-Verdict Questionnaire.

Your Case is Presented to Your Jury

Step 10: Your proceeding will be presented, online, to your jurors.

Monitor Juror Deliberations

Step 11: Monitor juror deliberations on an online Chat Board dedicated to your proceeding.

Receive Your Verdict

Step 12: View Verdict Summary and individual juror responses.

Analyze Verdict Using Optional Behind the Verdict Tools

Step 13: Behind the Verdict Tools