1. Court of Public Opinion will not sell or otherwise intentionally disclose any juror’s “Private Information” (name, contact information (residential address (excluding city), telephone number, or e-mail address), bank account information, date of birth, and/or social security number) unless such disclosure is required by law, court order, or is made pursuant to your express written instruction.
  2. Other than your Private Information, all demographic information supplied by you may be shared with those affiliated with the cases you seek to join as a juror. You are not required to provide general demographic information in order to register with Court of Public Opinion, or to serve on one of its juries. but litigants may take into consideration the general demographic information you provide, or the fact that you have not provided such information, when determining whether to exercise a challenge to your involvement as a juror in their matter. For purposes of jury selection and demographic analyses of verdict responses, jurors who voluntarily provide general demographic information shall be deemed to consent to its use by CoPO, the litigants involved in the matters which they seek to join as a juror, and/or their affiliates.
  3. In the event that you consent to the use of any or all information provided in the juror registration process to confirm the veracity and accuracy of that information.
  4. Until a Verdict has been reached, you are prohibited from communicating with the litigants, witnesses, attorneys or anyone affiliated with a case upon which you may serve/are serving as a juror. This prohibition does not include communications made through CoPO, including in voir dire or the submission of a question to the court.
  5. Until the time for deliberations, jurors and potential jurors may not communicate with other any other juror about the subject matter of a case pending before them.  
  6. Other than in deliberations with other jurors, no juror/potential juror shall disclose duplicate, copy, print, share, disseminate, distribute, communicate, are use in any manner any private, confidential, sensitive or proprietary information they may learn as a result of serving as a juror/prospective juror in any CoPO proceeding.
  7. CoPO jurors may not disclose or share the questions asked of them in any Post-Verdict Questionnaire, or their responses thereto. Inappropriate questions posed in any Post-Verdict Questionnaire, including any which seek the provision of your Private Information or what was asked in any other Post-Verdict Questionnaire, must be not be answered but instead flagged by the juror.
  8. Jurors who violate, or who become aware of another’s violation or attempted violation of, this Privacy, Communication & Disclosure Policy must immediately notify CoPO Juror Services.

Any juror who violates any provision of this Privacy, Communication & Disclosure Policy may subject that juror to civil/criminal penalties, forfeiture of any fees paid/to be paid in association with their service, and/or their permanent removal from CoPO’s juror registry.